A vision filled with meaning and vitality…

We are a young company: Stenstrup Watches & Jewellery was founded in 1994.

Our aim has been simple from the very outset – we must exert ourselves every single day. We strive to be the best, and we must find the best products for our customers.

Does that sound like a creed? Well, it almost is.

To reach the stars, one must believe in their existence. Yet, wishful thinking is not enough – knowledge and experience are required, too.

We excel in our craft and know where to source the best materials. We also know that our customers are the most important elements in our constellation.


This has been the case for more than 45 years – long before the idea of Stenstrup Watches & Jewellery was born.

We believe we have reached some of the way. There are times when we feel the stars are just above us. For the last stretch of our journey, we have chosen to buckle more lodestars to our celestial wagon – among them Swiss jewellery company Chopard.

More than any other company, Chopard understands how to marry happiness with true quality. We have always gained strength and inspiration from our collaboration with Chopard – and always sensed that we are striving towards the same goals.

We therefore have the pleasure to welcome you to CHOPARD CORNER COPENHAGEN.

Stenstrup Watches & Jewellery is nonetheless constituted by all our products in unity. We take great pride in this, for it is truly these partnerships that allow us to reach for the stars.

See you soon!